Half a Mil! (Day 666 - 9 21 11)09:18

Half a Mil! (Day 666 - 9 21 11)

Half a Mil! (Day 666 - 9/21/11)
Date: September 21st, 2011
Running Time: 9:18

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment

Summary Edit

Today is day 666 on the vlog, which is a bit of a talking point, but not much more than a number. In other news, Stephen hits 500,000 upload views on the vlog channel!

He and Mal make a Margherita pizza for dinner then open up a letter from Tommatable, who includes a letter and a drawing.


  • In the introductory rolling text, the number "666" is colored red.


  • Stephen: "That's gonna be it for the terrible doomsday 666. I'm not really sure what people were expecting? ... But we do have to get off here because we actually have a dinner arrangement with Satan, to get some pizza. Jalapenos. Lots of jalapenos."

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