H-A-D-O-U-K-E-N (Day 872 - 4 14 12)10:35

H-A-D-O-U-K-E-N (Day 872 - 4 14 12)

H-A-D-O-U-K-E-N (Day 872 - 4/14/12)
Date: April 14th. 2012
Running Time: 10:35

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen says he feels better because of the sleep he got and then read some letters. Corey says that he sent a letter to Stephen because he had to write a letter to a celebrity of his choice for his class, and Stephen was the first person that came to mind. He asks how technology is used in Stephen's and Mallory's jobs.

Keith says that Stephen's Let's Play of Eartbound inspired him to start animating and that his videos make him feel better when he is depressed. Keith sends plenty of drawings and Stephen explains his pronunciation of hadouken. Ethan sends some The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess trading cards, a recipe for Kansas city barbeque ribs, and a drawing of Stephen and Mallory playing Minecraft. The last letter was requested to be private so it was not opened on the Vlog.



  • Stephen: "I know letters, I get letters and they are rarely this thick. This is a thick letter. If this were a sandwich you wouldn't even need fries."

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