Guam-Tastic Mail (Day 217 - 6 29 10)07:52

Guam-Tastic Mail (Day 217 - 6 29 10)

Guam-Tastic Mail (Day 217 - 6/29/10)
Date: June 29, 2010
Length: 7:51

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  • Stephen's Car
  • Stephen's Parent's House
  • Carrabba's


The vlog begins with Stephen singing in the car. He then explains the rest of their day. Stephen and Mallory begin to run errands, such as go the bank, the salvation army, and checking Stephen's mail. He gets a letter from Timothy (Jesusprodigy14) in Guam, which is a trade Stephen has been expecting. After work, Mallory tells the "work story of the day".


  • Stephen: "I will NOT bite you. Think you're gonna tell ME what to do. Can't overcome MY fanciful diner manners, I'll tell you that."

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