Greece Reflections (Day 2055 - 7 11 15)31:35

Greece Reflections (Day 2055 - 7 11 15)

Greece Reflections (Day 2055 - 7/11/15)
Date: July 11th, 2015
Running Time: 31:34

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Now that they've had a day to rest, Stephen and Mal give their final thoughts on their trip to Greece.

Overall, despite the economic problems facing the country, they felt completely safe throughout their entire trip. Stephen notes that there is a copious amount of graffiti all around the country - some of it is very beautiful, but a lot of people just decided to tag the surfaces of the city. Interestingly, almost everyone spoke English regardless of the area.

There weren't that many negatives about the trip. Stephen thinks there were too many rocks throughout the trip and they never quite got used to the movement of the ship.

In terms of highlights, Stephen really enjoyed the Acropolis while Mal loved Santorini. Stephen also tells a story that was never actually recorded on the vlog. On the day of their visit to the site of the Ancient Olympic Games, the tour group was in a small town that had been devestated by a fire and earthquake. Their tour group, Gate 1, had previously donated a large amount of money to the town to help its reconstruction. The townspeople then offered to cook a meal for any small enough tour group that passed through the town. The meal they had there was an incredibly authentic home-cooked meal in a family's home.

All in all, Greece was a ton of fun and much more than Stephen and Mal were expecting with a ton great food and lots of variety. Stephen also praises their tour group, Gate 1, for being amazing in many different ways. They both highly recommend the trip to anyone who is looking to travel abroad.

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