Got My Ear Cleaned Out Today • 4.2010:23

Got My Ear Cleaned Out Today • 4.20.17

Got My Ear Cleaned Out Today • 4.20.17
Date: April 20th, 2017
Running Time: 10:22

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  • Stephen and Mallory's yard
  • Stephen and Mallory's house


Mallory has planted a lot of things around the house, like sunflowers, tomatoes, coriander, lettuce and tea. For her newest addition, she preps some soil so that she can plant some watermelon!

Stephen mentions that they ate lunch at Jimmyz Hibachi earlier, which was pretty good except for the spicy tuna roll which was too hot.

He then briefly discusses his ENT visit, where he got his ear cleaned and really enjoyed it. He also learnt the infection probably started from a cold and that the liquid in his ear had never fully drained, so he got some medication for that. In addition, he has to go back to the ENT in a week to get his ear checked on again.

Later in the day, Stephen has gotten lots of work done and recorded a First20 for Soma Spirits: Rebalance, which was made by a fellow user. It's his way of giving back to a community that helped him develop his interest in film and art, and also gave him an initial audience when he started the vlog.


  • "I'm really into that. [...] I've always really enjoyed the feel of a Q-tip, like down in your ear, wiggling around." - Stephen

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