Goodbye Chugga (Day 705 - 10 30 11)04:19

Goodbye Chugga (Day 705 - 10 30 11)

Goodbye Chugga (Day 705 - 10/30/11)
October 30th 2011
Running Time: 4:19

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  • Stephen's House
  • Sand Hill Village Outdoor Shopping Center
  • World Market
  • Moe's Restaurant
  • Columbiana Mall
  • Airport


Stephen, Mallory, and Emile(Chuggaaconroy) had a fun weekend, but unfortunately, Emile has to go back home. So, they head to the World Market at the Sand Hill Village Outdoor Shopping Center to get drinks, specifically soda, then head to Moe's for lunch, where Emile recommends that Stephen & Mallory try out queso, which they thought was fantastic. Afterward, the trio take a walk at the Columbiana Mall, where Stephen points out one fact about Emile: HE WALKS VERY FAST! Finally, it is time for Emile to return home, so Stephen & Mal drop him off at the airport, where Emile says, "Pickle fish lips"! Emile then departs and gets on his flight home, while Stephen and Mal return to the apartment where Stephen talks about Emile not being used to being on camera. After saying that it is likely that he will meet with Emile again soon the day ends, but not before Stephen eats a bag of chips that Emile left behind when they were at Atlanta Bread.


  • Even though Stephen, Mallory, and Emile went to the World Market at the Sand Hill Village, it was never seen.
  • Emile saying "pickle fish lips" is referencing his Paper Mario Let's Play.
  • Stephen mentions that he and Emile had been friends for six years, but have never met in person until day 703.
  • Emile watches StephenVlog so he was aware that he was going to be on camera beforehand, though he wasn't quite as camera shy as he used to be.
  • This is the last time Emile has appeared on the vlog in Colombia, even though he has been seen in later days.
  • Emile next appears on Day 808.


  • Stephen: "And, um, is there anything you like to say to my vlog people?"
    • Emile: "Pickle fish lips!"
  • Stephen: "So until we meet again, goodbye Chugga."

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