Good Mothers • 3.3007:23

Good Mothers • 3.30.17

Good Mothers • 3.30.17
Date: March 30th, 2017
Running Time: 7:21

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen and Mallory did not actually go to bed early, they instead stayed up for a long time working on Fan Favorites. They managed to cut the video down by an entire hour, so the video is basically done.

Mallory then talks about how her root canal tooth and the tooth below it had been catching on each other, which really hurt. To get it fixed, Stephen and Mallory went to see the dentist right when it opened and got the tooth filed down. Thankfully, that got rid of the pain, but Mallory now feels extremely nauseated from one of her prescription pills. It led to her not being able to sleep well.

Now for the main topic: Stephen's mother, Debra. Mallory got a call from her after Debra finished work, asking if how Mallory was and if she needed anything. Debra then came by with everything she needed and then some more things and then flowers. Stephen praises his mother, who is a very good mother, and makes the topic of the vlog "good mothers".

Before ending the vlog, he mentions that he isn't sure how their sleep schedules are going to be after this, since Stephen got enough sleep while Mallory hardly slept.


  • The dentist visit wasn't shown on the vlog because Stephen was going to start the vlog after they woke up, but they hadn't gone to bed.

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