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Good Day for an Anniversary (Day 1351 - 8 6 13)06:53

Good Day for an Anniversary (Day 1351 - 8 6 13)

Good Day for an Anniversary (Day 1351 - 8/6/13)
Date: August 6th, 2013
Running Time: 6:53



  • A sushi restaurant
  • The beach
  • Stephen and Mal's Apartment


To start out their two year anniversary, Stephen and Mal have sushi!  They also visit the beach where they got married.  On their way home, they drop by Stephen's parents' house and get an anniversary card and a cake.  At the apartment, they watch Cabin in the Woods, which they both enjoy thouroughly.  They also watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi while they have some of the delicious cake.  


  • Stephen: "Maybe it's a cake for two... two times."

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