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Go To Bed, You're An Idiot (Day 445 - 2 12 11)05:06

Go To Bed, You're An Idiot (Day 445 - 2 12 11)

Go To Bed, You're An Idiot (Day 445 - 2/12/11)
Date: Febuary 12th 2011
Running Time: 5:06



  • Sam's Club
  • The Dorm


The vlog starts out with everyone at the store and Dan considering buying a giant container of animal crackers. Stephen then admits that he hasn't slept in a couple days and is starting to feel sick. Alex adds that Stephen ate an entire container of pretzels. After mentioning that they had lunch at Panera Bread it cuts to the dorm where Stephen says that he eats to many pretzels sometimes. He talks about the new thing they started doing in minecraft and how it's been effecting his sleep. He says he's learned his lesson and that even though he's had more free time he's been getting less sleep. He ends the vlog after saying he's feeling sick.


  • Stephen: "My mom is watching this video right now and is crying, it's like you haven't slept and you ate an entire thing in like a day"

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