Gluttonous Habits (Day 383 - 12 12 10)05:25

Gluttonous Habits (Day 383 - 12 12 10)

Gluttonous Habits (Day 383 - 12/12/10)
Date: December 12th, 2010
Running Time: 5:24

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  • Stephen's Parents' House


Well, remember how Stephen mentioned that he and a partner would take on a food challenge of eating a 24-inch pizza in 30 minutes? Well, the partner cancelled on him. So Stephen decides to order a 20-inch pizza & try to consume as much as he can and see if its possible to eat a 24-inch pizza in that much time. The end result will surprise you. Also, Rocko attempts to chew the Christmas tree & a discussion about food challenges/eating challenges.


  • This supposed food challenge was mentioned during the Complete Facial day.
  • Stephen never took a sip of a drink during the time he spent eating four of presumably five slices of pizza.

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