Give Me The Crown! (Day 1600 - 4 12 14)-017:37

Give Me The Crown! (Day 1600 - 4 12 14)-0

Give Me The Crown! (Day 1600 - 4/12/14)
Date: April 12th, 2014
Running Time: 17:37

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  • Boston, MA
    • North Street Grill
    • Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    • A hotel
    • A sushi restaurant


Mallory leads the group to North Street Grill, where they ate breakfast last year. Afterwards, they head off to The Runaway Guys' Thrown Controllers panel.

After a few gatherings, they go back to their hotel and Hayley gives everyone princess crowns for everybody to wear. Stephen writes a message on Josh's crown without letting him know what it says and tweets a picture of him wearing it.

To celebrate Hayley's birthday, they head out to a sushi restaurant for dinner. On the way, Stephen makes Alex and Taylor cut through a lot surrounded by a fence, forcing Alex to climb over it.

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