Giant Psyduck (Day 1598 - 4 10 14)18:45

Giant Psyduck (Day 1598 - 4 10 14)

Giant Psyduck (Day 1598 - 4/10/14)
Date: April 10th, 2014
Running Time: 18:45

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  • Boston, MA
    • Logan International Airport
    • A hotel
    • Chipotle
    • Best Buy
    • GameStop
    • A restaurant
    • The subway


It's PAX East! Stephen and Mal meet up with Hayley and Alex at the airport, then head to their hotel with Dan and Taylor. There is a brief present exchange then the group heads to Chipotle for lunch. Stephen and the group head to Game Stop to pick up a cable for his Wii, then Stephen must head back to Best Buy to pick up a Wii remote (since the menu screen on the Wii isn't compatible with GameCube controllers). The gang plays some Super Smash Brox. Melee for a while, then head to dinner with Brooke and Josh.

Back at the hotel, Stephen explains that their hotel has been overbooked: they have fewer beds than necessary. Josh and Brooke play a round of Melee against Dan and Taylor to see who will be sleeping on the floor (Josh and Brooke lose).

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