Game Collections (Day 996 - 8 16 12)06:39

Game Collections (Day 996 - 8 16 12)

Game Collections (Day 996 - 8/16/12)
Date: August 16th, 2012
Running Time: 6:39

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen and Mallory eat lemon pepper tilapia, jasmine rice, and baked beans and Stephen shows his bookshelf filled with video games. Stephen then asks the viewers what their game collections consist of and says that he completed the Day 1000 fan favorites video.


  • Stephen: "And the reason I'm showing you this is because if I don't show you right now there will be no food on StephenVlog, and it's not an episode of StephenVlog unless there's food. Which means that there are several episodes of StephenVlog that aren't episodes of StephenVlog, but shut up."

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