Futon-Hunting Day (Day 979 - 7 30 12)09:48

Futon-Hunting Day (Day 979 - 7 30 12)

Futon-Hunting Day (Day 979 - 7/30/12)
Date: July 30th, 2012
Running Time: 9:48

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  • Stephen's parents' car
  • Roses
  • Big Lots
  • Eddie Romanelli's
  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen buys a copy of Earthworm Jim, and he, Mallory, Steve, and Debra continue looking for a futon and rug at Roses. They buy some rugs, a futon, spices, Jones soda, and players' guides. They eat at Eddie Romanelli's for dinner.


  • Stephen: "Also, you can, like, you can go into the deep darkness here. The deep darkness of Rug World, oh god. Will we ever escape? I don't know. Oh god, what's gonna happen? What's gonna-we're going on an adventure."

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