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Stephen and Mallory review Cour 2 (episodes 14 to 25) of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA)!

Stephen and Mal comment on the pronounced difference in pacing from Cour 1, which featured a lot of travelling and time passing. All the events of Cour 2 seem to happen within a very short frame of time.

They also found that the tone of the anime changed a lot. While it still has its lighthearted moments, the focus of the anime has gotten a lot darker and more serious.

Though Stephen finds FMA to be weird, he and Mal have both been really enjoying watching it.


  • According to Chaz's comment on this review video, "a 'cour' is an unambiguous way to refer to a roughly 13-episode block of episodes, almost always marked by a change in opening and ending".
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