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Having finished Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Seinfeld, Stephen and Mallory have started on a new anime: Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA)! They review the first cour of the series and give their first impressions of the anime.

Mallory remembers some things from watching the anime before, while Stephen knows nothing about it. But so far, they both really enjoy watching the anime. That being said, they don't know where the show is going, but they're along for the ride.

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The anime introduces some dark themes right at the start, but then is pretty lighthearted until Episode 7, when Nina gets transmuted with her dog and then killed. Stephen finds it weird how it seesaws between being dark and being happy, but it has made the anime very intriguing.

(As a side note, throughout the review video, Stephen calls Nina "daughter dog".)


  • "After we finished Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, we moved on to the greatest anime of all time: Seinfeld."
    - Stephen