Four Extremely Amazing Genesis Games • 8.2508:09

Four Extremely Amazing Genesis Games • 8.25.16

Four Extremely Amazing Genesis Games • 8.25.16
Date: August 25th, 2016
Running Time: 8:08

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen recently picked up a few gems for the Sega Genesis from Player's Choice today, and he shares them with the viewers today.

Gunstar Heroes is the game that Stephen initially went in to pick up. The game is complete (i.e. with a cart, box, and manual) and he has not seen a complete version of the game in seven years.

Contra: Hard Corps has had its value fluctuate greatly over the years. The price of the game has just recently started coming down, so Stephen decided to pick it up while he had the chance.

John Madden Foodball: Championship Edition is a sports game. It's not one that he'd normally want to pick up, but it was a rental store exclusive, making it incredibly rare.

Finally, M.U.S.H.A. is a shoot-'em-up game known to be quite rare, at least among used game stores. It was recently released on the Wii Virtual Console, but the game is still highly valued.

With his recent haul, Stephen ponders the idea of completing his Genesis collection. The games are a bit easier to collect than, say, complete N64 games since Genesis games come in solid plastic boxes while N64 games came in flimsier cardboard boxes.

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