Forget This Vlog (Day 404 - 1 2 11)03:09

Forget This Vlog (Day 404 - 1 2 11)

Forget This Vlog (Day 404 - 1/2/11)
Date: January 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 3:09

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  • Stephen's Parents' House
  • Savannah Marriott


Stephen leaves for Savannah today, and Rocko is a bit depressed. Stephen gives a shoutout to Mallory's cousin, Ryan, who has recently become addicted to the vlog. When he gets to Savannah, he checks into a hotel room, which is free since Debra works for Marriott. Nothing much else happens, so Stephen asks the audience to forget about this vlog.


  • Today is actually Alex's birthday, as Stephen mentioned yesterday. As predicted, he forgot to mention that today.

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