Fog Causer (Day 913 - 5 25 12)06:08

Fog Causer (Day 913 - 5 25 12)

Fog Causer (Day 913 - 5/25/12)
Date: May 25th, 2012
Running Time: 6:07

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  • Stephen's apartment
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen and Mallory pack up their things to go apartment hunting in Myrtle Beach. Then Stephen, Mallory, Debra, and Steve eat tacos for dinner. Stephen says that MiniDV is a dead format so he has trouble finding it and he'll try to find another tape for the wedding that he'll shoot tomorrow along with Mallory and Jarrett.


  • Stephen: "You sniffin', ain't ya? You sniffin'. You're gonna fog up the lens with your sniffs, you fog causer."

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