Flu (Day 518 - 4 26 11)04:26

Flu (Day 518 - 4 26 11)

Flu (Day 518 - 4/26/11)
Date: April 26th, 2011
Running Time: 4:26

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


Stephen basically explains that he is sick today and that he isn't going to do any editing for this video. He explains about everyone switching from Lose It! to MyFitnessPal. He then says that since he is sick for about a few days, he isn't going to do any editing for this video, so he made something that usually goes on the lower left corner and the day number/date spinning at the beginning of every vlog video from day 437 onward. Stephen then says that all of the symptoms he is getting may lead to the fact that he is getting the flu. He then closes the day by asking if we would be willing to watch longer vlogs since he always tries to keep the vlogs shorter.


  • This is the only time Stephen makes a lazy vlog on the vlog.
  • Stephen explains more clearly about vlog lengths on day 519.

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