Flip Ultra HD With Wide Angle Lens (Day 61 - 1 24 10)04:19

Flip Ultra HD With Wide Angle Lens (Day 61 - 1 24 10)

Flip Ultra HD With Wide Angle Lens (Day 61 - 1/24/10)
Date: January 24th, 2010
Running Time: 4:18

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • The dorm at SCAD

Summary Edit

It begins with Stephen at his computer, telling us that he woke up at 4:30AM today and it's now five hours later. In that time, he discovered the social networking site creator, and made a page on it for The higher ups at have decided to make it official, and actually use it. He encourages users to join.

He's finished up some work, and so now he and Dan are going to play Left 4 Dead 2.

At least, that was the plan. It was Dan's idea, but when Stephen goes to Dan's room to get him to play, he seems uninterested. Dan realizes that Stephen is recording, and asks him if they can redo the conversation. Stephen starts over, and this time, Dan acts more enthusiastic.

Alex has the camera now for some reason, and he's filming Stephen. He comments on what he perceives as the Flip Ultra HD's poor quality, the difference in aspect ratio between it and the Canon SD1000. Alex prefers the Canon's traditional aspect ratio, while Stephen doesn't seem to care (they film a few shots with both cameras side to side to compare them). Alex says that the Flip "sucks, and suggests that Stephen should attach his wide angle lens to the Flip to compensate.

In the next shot, Stephen has attached the lense to the Flip, and he's filming Dan to test it out. It does seem to make a difference (although, and they don't mention it, there's a bit of a glare in the middle of the screen), but Dan think adding a lens to a compact video camera like the Flip kind of defeats the purpose of using one. It makes it a bit bulkier, and thus not as convenient to carry around. Alex suggests carrying the lens around in a separate pocket (and later, duct taping it to the camera). Stephen says that wide angle lenses should be on all cameras "because they help so much". He demonstrates by filming Dan without the lens, and you can only see Dan and a little bit of the room. With the lens on, you can see the whole room.

In the next shot, Stephen says something about Dan holding a teddy bear and Taylor bringing in fireworks that doesn't make a lot of sense out of context. It's probably just a joke.

Notes Edit

  • This vlog is filmed and 2 types of angle modes
  • The title of this vlog comes from the 2nd mode in which he is filming.

Quotes Edit

  • Dan (being filmed without the lens on the camera) : "Hi... I'm just Dan..."
  • Alex: "Disappointing..."

(Stephen put the lense on so that we can see more of the room)

  • Dan: "...and this is my ROOM!"

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