First Time I've Ever Mowed The Lawn • 3.2811:28

First Time I've Ever Mowed The Lawn • 3.28.17

First Time I've Ever Mowed The Lawn • 3.28.17
Date: March 28th, 2017
Running Time: 11:27

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen mows his lawn for the first time! ...Kind of. He equips himself with a $60 lawnmower that was first shown on the vlog on Day 2559, to battle the grass that has only recently started to grow again. For some different shots, he also mounts his GoPro onto the mower.

Unfortunately, the mower doesn't work very well, since it is essentially just a weed-wacker in a mower base. It could also be that the grass hasn't grown tall enough to mow properly yet.

Some time later, they have gotten a biweekly lawn service for a fairly affordable price. Stephen talks about how he feels defeated by this, but concedes that he might be too busy to do lawn work. He also notes that they are only maintaining the lawn because it was part of the agreement when they rented the house. Stephen and Mal would much prefer to replace their future house's lawn with AstroTurf, since they don't really care how the lawn looks.

Before ending the vlog, Stephen mentions that Mal has been very nervous and anxious about her root canal the next day, particularly because she's allergic to latex which is what they use to fill the teeth. Hopefully, this root canal will go fine and relieve the pain she's been experiencing.


  • "It's like I'm vacuuming my lawn." - Stephen

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