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First Thoughts on Pokémon X & Y (Day 1552 - 2 23 14)13:39

First Thoughts on Pokémon X & Y (Day 1552 - 2 23 14)

First Thoughts on Pokémon X & Y Date: March 23rd 2014 Running Time 13:39



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal arrive back home from their trip to Wilmington and show off their purchases at Trader Joe's. Stephen mentions that they also picked up Magic Pengel (PS2), the prequel to Graffiti Kingdom, a childhood favourite of Stephen's.  Mal plants some seeds in a tray of small pots - they will have lettuce and tomatoes in a few months! 

They also share their thoughts on Pokémon X and Y. Stephen likes the experience share since it gets rid of the tedious grinding, however he hates the characters that you meet right at the beginning.  There are also some issues with the pacing and the camera, but these are minor issues in the larger scope of things.  In short, they really enjoy the game so far.


  • Stephen: "Where is the option where I get to say no stay away from me!"  
  • Stephen: "When you don't like someone you don't remember their name."

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