Final Cut Pro X (Day 504 - 4 12 11)09:00

Final Cut Pro X (Day 504 - 4 12 11)

Final Cut Pro X (Day 504 - 4/12/11)
Date: April 12th, 2011
Running Time: 9:00

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Stephen's dorm

Summary Edit

Stephen attempts to scare Alex once again, but is met with failure.

He spends some time addressing some of the viewers' achievements from yesterday. He highlights Nick's weekly vlog and PhazonChaos's microvlogs.

He also says that Cisco, the company responsible for Flip cameras, has announced that they will no longer be producing them. This is a bit sad for the vlog, given that Stephen's Flip is a central part of it.

Stephen ends the vlog by talking about the conference by Apple about the new Final Cut Pro X. He is exceedingly excited about the new features of the program to the extent that he ran out of his room screaming when the price ($300) was announced. For reference, Final Cut Pro 7 is $1000. So Stephen has two things to be excited for when June rolls around: Final Cut Pro X and Mallory (though she takes priority).

At the end of the vlog, Alex attempts to scare Dan.


  • Nick's vlogs are no longer available.

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