Fans of StephenPlays ASSEMBLE (Day 772 - 1 5 12)05:05

Fans of StephenPlays ASSEMBLE (Day 772 - 1 5 12)

Fans of StephenPlays: ASSEMBLE (Day 772 - 1/5/12)
Date: January 5th, 2012
Running Time: 5:05

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen asks the Stephenites to create video responses to this Vlog day, which he will use to make his network spotlight for The Game Station (now called Polaris).


  • This video received 39 video responses.
  • This video was featured on both the StephenPlays and StephenVlog channels for several days since it is a Vlog day but asked for responses to StephenPlays.

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