Fanciful Diner Manners (Day 221 - 7 3 10)08:18

Fanciful Diner Manners (Day 221 - 7 3 10)

Fanciful Diner Manners (Day 221 - 7/3/10)
Date: July 3, 2010
Length: 8:17

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  • Stephen's Parent's house
  • Savannah College of Art and Design (mentioned only)
  • Carrabba's


The vlog begins with Stephen opening a package from Dan which is labeled as if it came from SCAD. Dan sent Stephen Red Dead Redemption because Stephen had said in Day 192 that he had wanted it. After working a double shift at Carrabba's, Stephen reads a letter from Dan that he missed. In the letter, Dan references Alex's game in which Stephen and Dan did voices. Mallory prompts him to explain the story, so he does. He then plays a little Red Dead Redemption.



"It's not gonna make any sense cause it doesn't make any sense." - Stephen in response to Mallory prompting him to tell the story of Pirate Raymond.

"You'll never overcome my fanciful diner manners." - The Great Fornelius (a.k.a. Stephen)

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