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Overview Edit

Here is the list of bobbleheads obtained by Stephen throughout Fallout 4.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Edit

Name Obtained Location
Perception bobblehead Episode #5 - "Concord" Museum of Freedom
Intelligence bobblehead Episode #55 - "Boston Public Library" Boston Public Library
Charisma bobblehead Episode #81 - "Into The Asylum" Parsons State Insane Asylum
Luck bobblehead Episode #99 - "Island of Mirelurks" Spectacle Island

Skills Edit

Name Obtained Location
Repair bobblehead Episode #13 - "Corvega Assembly Plant" Corvega Assembly Plant
Speech bobblehead Episode #31 - "Valentine's Day" Vault 114
Melee bobblehead Episode #33 - "Curtain Call" Trinity Tower
Explosive bobblehead Episode #40 - "Finch Farm...Finally" Saugus Ironworks
Lock Picking bobblehead Episode #70 - "Pickman's Gallery" Pickman Gallery
Big Guns bobblehead Episode #75 - "Vault 95" Vault 95
Energy Weapons bobblehead Episode #77 - "Fort Hagen" Fort Hagen
Unarmed bobblehead Episode #128 - "Selling a Child" Atom Cats garage


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