Fake Horse -4K Vlog- • 1.2809:48

Fake Horse -4K Vlog- • 1.28.17

Fake Horse [4K Vlog] • 1.28.17
Date: January 28th, 2017
Running Time: 9:47

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  • Which Wich?
  • On the road
  • Vereen Memorial Park/Gardens
  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen, Mal and Dan eat lunch together and buy a green shirt to complete Link's outfit, before driving up to Vereen Gardens.

At the gardens, Stephen wears his Link costume while doing various things, with Dan directing him and filming him with the GH4. Mal is also there, filming for the vlog.

Back at the house, Stephen talks about how the filming went, and reminisces about his Earthbound-based live-action public stunt videos that he made in high school.

He then talks about how much Dan enjoyed filming it and mentions that Dan would be editing it. He also says that he might do promotional videos for future Let's Play projects as well.

Stephen ends the vlog by saying it was a very productive day.


  • Stephen has gone to Vereen Gardens several times before, most notably to film the end of his Skyrim finale for StephenPlays. The vlog where he films the Skyrim finale can be found here.
  • They have also visited the gardens with many of their family and friends:

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