FDJLSMTPHGBAN (Day 196 - 6 8 10)09:13

FDJLSMTPHGBAN (Day 196 - 6 8 10)

FDJLSMTPHGBAN (Day 196 - 6/8/10) Date: June 8, 2010 Length: 9:13

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  • The car
  • Indigo Farms
  • The mall (probably, due to lack of information given)
  • The painting section
  • Steve and Debra's House


Stephen heads to City Hall to get paperwork filled out for his new job. They then proceed to go to Indigo Farms, where Stephen proceeds to create the first of many titles of the day, "Agricultural Network," and then the 2nd, "The Pig Has Giant Balls." They then have lunch with Jarrett, creating the 3rd of the titles, "Fancy Dancin' Jarrett." Mallory attemts to persuade the viewers to talk Stephen into dancing classes. Then Stephen creates the 4th and final title, "Large, Sad Man." They go shopping when Stephen sees Giygas. They play Apples to Apples. Also, toasters.


  • The title means: Fancy Dancin' Jarrett, Large, Sad Man, The Pig Has Giant Balls, Agricultural Network.
  • This is the first time that the vlog title was not said in chronological order. What was said was actually "Fancy Dancin' Jarrett, Large, Sad Man, The Pig Has Giant Balls, or Agricultural Network."

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