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F-Zero - First2017:37

F-Zero - First20


Stephen and Mal play through a portion of the Beginner Class, Knight League of F-Zero. Mallory plays for a majority of this episode, and plays very well to Stephens great surprise as it's her first time playing the game. Stephen talks about the history of the F-Zero franchise, the Mode 7 technology of the SNES and about how he was introduced to the series by going with his mother to a client's house and playing F-Zero with the client's son. The First 20 ends with Mallory crashing the Blue Falcon on the Silence track.


  • Stephen notes that the main draw of the series, for him, is it's music, and while he likes F-Zero, he's not necessarily a big fan of the franchise.
  • Stephen notes he was around 4 or 5 years old when he first played F-Zero.
  • At (17:37), F-Zero - First20 is the 2nd shortest video of the First20 series, the shortest being Sonic R - First20, (16:59).
  • Though most First20 videos pass the 20 minute mark, F-Zero is one of four which fall below 20 minutes. The other First20 videos that were under 20 minutes were Sonic R, Battletoads, and Sunset Riders.

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