Extreme Coincidence (Day 211 - 6 23 10)-004:09

Extreme Coincidence (Day 211 - 6 23 10)-0

Extreme Coincidence (Day 211 - 6/23/10)
Date: June 23, 2010
Length: 4:08

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  • The Car
  • Stephen's parent's house
  • Carrabba's


The vlog starts with Stephen coming out of work. The vlog switches to Stephen and Mallory back home and Stephen begins to recount a story from work.

Mallory came up to him as there was a girl at her table in a blue and yellow stripped shirt and wearing a red bandanna around her neck, reminiscent of Ness from Earthbound or Ninten from Earthbound Zero. Mallory asked her about it and she the girl said she did not know Earthbound but knew who Ness was. Stephen calls it an extreme coincidence.

They then go and have pizza that his mother made. Later on, Stephen is in his room and talks about bonus features he is doing for the recital. It is a slide show and talks about some of the problems he has with it. He just wants to get it done and move on as vlogs are getting backed up but Mallory is helping him.


  • Stephen: "Every time I film my parents their faces morph into hands."

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