Exclamation Mark (Day 343 - 11 2 10)10:35

Exclamation Mark (Day 343 - 11 2 10)

Exclamation Mark (Day 343 - 11/2/10)
Date: November 2nd, 2010
Running Time: 10:35

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  • Stephen's dorm


The audio syncing that Stephen was working on yesterday has been saved by a program called PluralEyes. The automated sound syncing software has saved Stephen roughly ten to twenty hours of work.

In other news, Stephen gets some mail today. Paul (pmm368) sends in a Digimon card, some Y Juz, and a letter. Jamie (Machoyd) specifically addresses a Denny Walling to Alex, which he opens with a large chef's knife. He also includes some signed Magic: The Gathering land.

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