Everywhere There's A Beach (Day 122 - 3 26 10)09:53

Everywhere There's A Beach (Day 122 - 3 26 10)

Everywhere There's A Beach (Day 122 - 3/26/10)
March 26th, 2010
Running Time: 9:53

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  • The dorm at SCAD
  • Stephen's car
  • Tybee Island
  • River Street, Savannah
  • Wild Wing Cafe
  • Morning Star


Stephen and Mallory spend their last day together doing stuff that Mallory wants to do in the area. They go to the beach on Tybee Island, walk around River Street (along the way Stephen points out various places where he's worked on projects in the past), eat at Wild Wing Cafe, and participate in a Magic event at Morning Star (a card shop in Savannah that Stephen frequents).

Back at the dorm, Stephen reads an Easter card from his grandmother, and Stephen and Mallory play a little more Magic before turning in to get a few hours sleep before they have to go to the airport.


  • The title: Stephen was saying that there are beaches both where he was born and raised (Myrtle Beach) and where he's going to school (Savannah).

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