Everyone Is In Mario Shirts (Day 115 - 3 19 10)05:37

Everyone Is In Mario Shirts (Day 115 - 3 19 10)

Everyone Is In Mario Shirts (Day 115 - 3/19/10)
March 19th, 2010
Running Time: 5:36

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  • Stephen's family home
  • Florence Airport


Rocko is laying on the bed and Stephen plays with him until he runs away. Mallory's flight arrives in two hours and Stephen is going to pick her up. He plays with Rocko some more.

Stephen drives to the airport and picks up Mallory. Later he and Jeremy film each other filming their vlog and play a Magic game of Two Headed Giant. Jarrett and Austin show up. Jarrett points out that everyone but him is wearing a Mario shirt. After getting pizza; Stephen, Mallory, Jeremy, Jarrett, and Austin do a Booster Draft of Magic. After some fun games of Magic, everyone leaves and Stephen has to go see Justin tomorrow.

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