Eldrazi Prerelease (Day 144 - 4 17 10)02:54

Eldrazi Prerelease (Day 144 - 4 17 10)

Eldrazi Prerelease(Day 144 - 4/17/10)
Date: April 17th, 2010
Running Time: 2:54

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Locations Edit

  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen's dorm
  • Carrabba's


The Vlog opens on a Magic Fat Pack. Stephen then turns the camera around and says "Eldrazi Prerelase, yeah". It then cuts to eight hours later where Stephen says he placed in the middle of the tournament.

He says that he was a little disappointed that even though the card set is called "Rise of Eldrazi" he did not find a single Eldrazi creature. This made the tournament a little disappointing and hard. After this he briefly mentions how his professor e-mailed him and told him he needed to do a pitch for class. Stephen then goes to Carrabba's with his Mom and Dad. Where he says that getting a pizza at a restaurant makes sense because the pizza will taste different then if you order one.


  • Even though Stephen says he is going to dinner with his parents neither his Mom or Dad appear in the video.

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