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Eldrazi Game Day (Day 179 - 5 22 10)06:21

Eldrazi Game Day (Day 179 - 5 22 10)

Eldrazi Game Day (Day 179 - 5/22/10)
Date: May 22nd, 2010
Running Time: 6:21



  • Stephen's dorm
  • Five Guys


Stephen heads over to an Eldrazi game at Morning Star. Later everyone goes out to Five Guys to celebrate the completion of Stephen's movie project "Don't Stop Believing," and the vlog is photobombed by a random woman.


  • Link to Don't Stop Believing
  • Stephen went 3-2 using his momo red burn deck
  • He also traded his Abyssal Persecuter for a Magic playmat which ends up becoming a giant mouse pad.

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