Editing Daily Vlogs (Day 786 BONUS!)27:01

Editing Daily Vlogs (Day 786 BONUS!)

Editing Daily Vlogs (Day 786 BONUS!)
Date: January 19th, 2012
Running Time: 27:01

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  • Stephen's Apartment


Stephen shows us how he edits the vlogs everyday by showing us the process of editing day 786 from start to finish. He talks about each step in the process of editing a daily vlog as he edits the video, and talks about some strange occurrences that occur while he edits the vlogs. He shows us where he keeps the vlog footage, and the actual videos made. Step by step, he shows us the editing of day 786 in Final Cut Pro 7, while explaining why certain steps must be done to edit the footage themselves. For example, the reason he has to convert the raw footage into Apple ProRes 422 LT is because the codec that the Flip records and that the videos are compressed into is not an editing codec, and if put into Final Cut Pro, it will explode. After finishing editing day 786 and making sure there are no mistakes by watching what the final video will look like, he shows us how he compresses the final video into Compressor using the cluster "This Computer". To finish this bonus video, he shows us how he does custom thumbnails by making one for day 786.


  • This is the first of many tutorial videos Stephen does for the vlog. The next time Stephen does a tutorial video is day 796.

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