Easter Haircuts (Day 516 - 4 24 11)-003:50

Easter Haircuts (Day 516 - 4 24 11)-0

Easter Haircuts (Day 516 - 4/24/11)
Date: April 24th, 2011
Running Time: 3:50

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  • Stephen's dorm
  • Steve's car
  • A restaurant
  • Big Lots
  • River Street


The air conditioning is fixed. Huzzah!

It's also Easter, so Stephen's parents are in town for a visit. After lunch, Stephen finds the game Alien Disco Safari at Big Lots on sale. Since everything is closed, they make a stop by River Street to check out some art. Before his parents leave for home once more, he gets a haircut.

Stephen invites the viewers to share their Easter experiences with the world in the comments.

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