Earthbound Livestream! (Day 993 - 8 13 12)06:38

Earthbound Livestream! (Day 993 - 8 13 12)

Earthbound Livestream! (Day 993 - 8/13/12)
Date: August 13th, 2012
Running Time: 6:37

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen, Mallory, Debra, and Steve play The Settlers of Catan for the second time, which Debra wins again, and Stephen and Mallory celebrate their one-year anniversary with cupcakes. Then Stephen announces that he and Mallory are going to be doing a livestream of them playing Earthbound in order to raise money for the McLeod Children's Hospital. He also reminds fans to submit their requests for the fan favorites video that will come out on Day 1000.

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