Ear Infection 3 (Day 446 - 2 13 11)07:29

Ear Infection 3 (Day 446 - 2 13 11)

Ear Infection #3 (Day 446 - 2/13/11)
Date: February 13, 2011
Running Time: 7:29

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Giant Lava Tower Destruction! (Day 446 BONUS)



  • Stephen's dorm
  • Stephen's car


Stephen wakes up with an ear infection for the third time in his life. The day is "saved" by a letter from Glenn and barbeque chicken pizza.


  • This is the third time that Stephen has had an ear infection, hence the Vlog day's name.


  • Stephen: Google it, bro.
  • Glenn's Letter: Thanks for doing the vlogs; I'll never stop watching them, well, unless you die.

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