ECU For Effect (Day 2076 - 8 1 15)19:42

ECU For Effect (Day 2076 - 8 1 15)

ECU For Effect (Day 2076 - 8/1/15)
Date: August 1st, 2015
Running Time: 19:41

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  • Muncie, IN
    • Chaz and Jeff's house
    • Farmer's Market
    • Ball State University
    • A Mexican Restaurant


Welcome to day 2 of Cheffcon! Stephen gives Jeff's brand-new espresso machine a whirl, then everyone hits the town for a trip to the farmer's market and Ball State University (where The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross was filmed). Stephen does some recording for Stephen & Friends, and the rest of the day involves food, beer, and games.

Oh, and there are ghosts in Stephen and Mal's room. That control the universe.


  • Dan's version of the trip can be found here.

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