Dual Fat Pack Opening (Day 237 - 7 19 10)-010:40

Dual Fat Pack Opening (Day 237 - 7 19 10)-0

Dual Fat Pack Opening (Day 237 - 7/19/10)
Date: July 19, 2010
Length: 10:39

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  • Stephen's Parent's House


The vlog begins with Stephen discussing the food Debra has made for lunch and the fact that he has received a package from StarCityGames. Inside the package was 2 2011 Fat Packs and a 2011 Booster Box. He says that the fat packs are his and Mallory's and the booster box is split between him, Mallory, and Austin, which they are going to open tomorrow. Mallory and Stephen then proceed to open the two fat packs. After the dual fat pack opening, Debra makes dinner. After work, Stephen gets a trade from Sircampbellsoup. Stephen also made his engagement with Mallory public today.

Notes Edit

  • The title for this video comes from Stephen opening 2 fat packs.

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