Dragon Ball Z Season 7 Review • 7.925:11

Dragon Ball Z Season 7 Review • 7.9.16

Dragon Ball Z Season 7 Review • 7.9.16
Date: July 9th, 2016
Running Time: 25:10

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


It's time for another Dragon Ball Z review!

Right off the bat, season 7 is Stephen and Mal's favorite season of Dragon Ball Z - it's fun without having an overbearing amount of action or "fluff" filler.

Spoiler Alert!Edit

Goku's dead, so the focus of the story has now shifted to Gohan, and Vegeta is the best character in the show. Mal is surprised to find out that Goku has another child (as is Goku, incidentally), and the Krillin is married to Android 18. Stephen has a lot of questions for Goku's duties as a father and how Chi-chi is able to raise a family without any income for seven years. There's another World Martial Arts tournament, and Stephen enjoys the fact that all the characters are feel powerful.

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