Double Letter (Plus A Package) Madness (Day 287 - 9 7 10)08:13

Double Letter (Plus A Package) Madness (Day 287 - 9 7 10)

Date: September 7th, 2010
Running Time: 8:13

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  • Steve & Debra's House


Stephen begins the vlog recieving a facial, noting other vlog days that also feature facials (Day 16 and Day 35 ).

The vlog cuts back home where Stephen goes through the mail he has recieved. He recieves a letter from Mallory, a letter from a friend in Belgium, and a package. He begins with Mallory's letter which is brief and contains some Magic: the Gathering cards. He then opens Kite's card which contains another brief letter and more cards. He then opens the package which contains a Logitech mouse for his computer. Afterwards he shows off his collection of Magic: the Gathering cards, showing which cards are left to get in order to complete his frames. He finally ends off the vlog mentioning that he has finished playing Red Dead Redemption.


  • This is the third vlog day that features Stephen getting a facial massage.
    • The other two days being Day 16 and Day 35 , both of which were referenced in the vlog.


  • Stephen: "Kitty! Kitty!...Paper! 'Stephen, Love you! Colon, three. (:3)'"
  • Stephen: "There. It's almost like the real thing...except no where close."
  • Stephen: "Trade with Kite, and you'll fly high. Get it, 'cause he's, 'cause it's kite and flat and - never mind."

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