Double Check Your Connections • 3.1408:34

Double Check Your Connections • 3.14.17

Double Check Your Connections • 3.14.17
Date: March 14th, 2017
Running Time: 8:33

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  • Stephen and Mal's house


Part 2 of the camera drama saga! Stephen finally got around to editing the December Mail video late the night before and finished up editing it around 11:30am, only to find that Final Cut wouldn't export it because of the weird artifacting in the video. To get around this problem, he played the video full-screen using Final Cut and recorded his screen.

With that settled, Stephen could finally get some rest, but he needed to get up soon to take Mal to the doctor. He elected to take a quick nap on the futon, but ended up sleeping like a log. Mal tried to wake him up but he was too tired, so she had to go to the doctor by herself. Some time later, Stephen woke up to stop the screen recording, and then went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Mal eventually came back from the doctor with some Bojangle's, and takes a nap. After they have both woken up at 8pm, is where the vlog starts. Stephen then bemoans the mistake that he made (on Day 2665) for causing all this mess, and postponing the release of the mail video. He advises everyone to double check their connections, because it can prevent so much trouble in the long run.

Before ending the vlog, he talks about how this recent event has been in such stark contrast to their vacation.


  • "What time is it? It's Bo Time! What time is it? It's Bo Time! What time is it? It's... mostly time to be sad." - Stephen
    • "How can you be sad when it's Bo time?" - Mallory
    • "No one can be sad when it's Bo time! It's impossible. Science... has proven it." - Stephen
  • "Two holes, side by side, same size hole, and instead of doing the top one, I did the bottom one! And it has caused the biggest mess!" - Stephen (referring to plugging the microphone into the wrong jack)
  • "It's interesting you know, like we went on the vacation, got all relaxed, everything good. And within like a day or two of being back, like everything is just obliterated, the world is on fire, like... the children are screaming, the buildings are burning. And I'm like "I don't know what happened, everything fell apart..." - Stephen

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