Donuts in the Sun (Day 1601 - 4 13 14)11:26

Donuts in the Sun (Day 1601 - 4 13 14)

Donuts in the Sun (Day 1601 - 4/13/14)
Date: April 13th, 2014
Running Time: 11:26

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  • Boston, MA
    • A hotel
    • The subway
    • Chinatown
    • Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
    • Dunkin' Donuts


Stephen and the gang say goodbye to Dan, who has to leave a day earlier than everyone. They grab sandwiches and bubble tea in Chinatown, then head to the convention centre to attend a panel on collecting retro games. They walk around the convention centre a bit and say goodbye to Steve at the Fangamer booth. They grab some donuts, eat some dinner, then play Cards Against Humanity at the hotel. Stephen finally introduces Jordan and Chelsea to the vlog, who are friends of Brooke.

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