Donkey Kong Land - First2023:19

Donkey Kong Land - First20

Date: April 25th 2014
Running Time: 23:19

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Stephen plays through the first few levels of Donkey Kong Land. While playing, Stephen talks about the game's similarities with the Donkey Kong Country series, the differences, and various other bits of trivia regarding the title.


  • The Super Gameboy version of Donkey Kong Land has a unique palette.
  • Donkey Kong Land takes place after the events of Donkey Kong Country.
  • The music of Donkey Kong Land was composed by David Wise.
  • The Donkey Kong Land series was manufactured in yellow colored carts rather than the usual gray of most Gameboy games.
  • Stephen first played the title when he was around 7 years old.


  • Stephen: "Frisbees are ruining my life."
  • Stephen: "Donkey Kong was like: 'I don't want to go right bro!'"
  • Stephen: "Oh! Oh, a secret. Oh, I missed it..."

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