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Donkey Kong Country MOOSE - Part 1 -JoshJepson VS StephenPlays-14:25

Donkey Kong Country MOOSE - Part 1 -JoshJepson VS StephenPlays-

Donkey Kong Country MOOSE was a collaboration between Stephen and JoshJepson on the Versus channel. It was a competition with rules similar to the basketball game HORSE, where they took turns choosing levels to race through in Donkey Kong Country and if they lose a level that the other person chose then you get a letter, and the first person to lose 5 levels becomes a MOOSE and loses the game.  It aired from February 4th 2014 to February 6th 2014 and later returned with Donkey Kong Country returns from June 27th 2015 to June 28th 2015.

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DKC Edit

DKC: Returns Edit

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