Done With School Forever! (Day 388 - 12 17 10)05:22

Done With School Forever! (Day 388 - 12 17 10)

Done With School Forever! (Day 388 - 12/17/10)
Date: December 17th, 2010
Running Time: 5:21

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  • Mallory's Dorm - UW Stout
  • Mallory's Car
  • Jeff's Pizza
  • The Hallway of the Classroom - UW Stout
  • Hayley's Dorm - UW Stout


It's Finals - Day 2 for Mallory, and after that she is done with school forever! So Stephen & Mal continue their celebration by having dinner at Jeff's Pizza! Oh, and also Hayley makes her Vlog appearance debut as she moves in the same Hall as Mal's Dorm!


  • This marks the first physical appearance of Hayley on the Vlog. However, at the end of the previous vlog, Stephen showed a photo of her baking.
  • Though Stephen points out that Mallory's done with school, Mallory came to UW Stout to study art education to teach art from Kindergarten to High School. Therefore, she became a student-teacher until her graduation, and is currently now a full-time teacher as of Day 1308.
  • In the comments of this video, Stephen reveals that Hayley is a member of Starmen.Net, the site where he & Mal first met, and when Mal switched colleges to UW Stout, she found out Hayley was attending the same college.


  • "Man, I got the Cloverfield effect going on, but, it's not on purpose. It's just because I'm cold!" ~Stephen, pointing out how cold he is at the moment. However, he does make a reference to the 2008 found-footage monster film Cloverfield.
  • "Done with school forever! *Fades out* Done with school forever..." ~Stephen pointing out that Mallory is done with school forever. However, she doesn't graduate until Day 536.
  • "Today's episode is brought to you by the letters B and I for Bad Ideas." ~Stephen in response to Hayley attempting to perch.

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