Doctors Can Be Wrong (Day 463 - 3 2 11)05:37

Doctors Can Be Wrong (Day 463 - 3 2 11)

Doctors Can Be Wrong (Day 463 - 3/2/11)
Date: March 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 5:37

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen woke up earlier today with some more pain in his ear. So his ear infection is probably back, and Stephen suspects that it never actually left. He has begun using ear drops from his previous ear infection to help treat himself.

He suspects that his most recent doctor may have been incorrect in prescribing only antibiotics without ear drops. Stephen notes that doctors sometimes can be wrong, but he emphasizes that he is not criticizing them, since he knows very little about medicine.

On the flipside, he tells a story from high school. He felt ill but hadn't missed too much school over that time, so his mother assumed it was just a cold or flu. One day he felt particularly bad, so he went to the doctor and discovered that he had had pneumonia for a while.

He asks the audience to relate some stories about doctors or themselves being wrong about a medical condition or ailment.

He closes the vlog by noting that his "white undershirt" vlogs seem to have the most audience engagement despite them being criticized by some fans.

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